What’s new digitally in 2019

What’s new digitally in 2019


What’s new digitally in 2019? Today’s digitally savvy consumer has more options than every before on where to create content, creating a noisy digital ocean that’s always on 24/7, even when you’re not working and your business is not open.

Not only are traditional brick and mortar businesses competing with online-based companies, but they’re also in a virtual competition for digital attention against every day people, commonly referred to as personal brands.

Facebook & Instagram

In 2019 Facebook is still the leading social network amongst consumers, with over two billion active users, followed by Instagram with one billion.

In the last year alone Facebook, which owns Instagram, has made numerous feature updates and enhancements to its stories, live video, and Facebook watch tool set, to empower its users to improve the quality of native storytelling within the platforms. From algorithm changes to the addition of new features and emerging platforms, the world of social media is continually evolving.

Two new features to use, which will help you stand out and rise above the digital noise, are IGTV by Instagram and Facebook Watch Party.

IGTV is a standalone vertical video application owned by Instagram, made primarily for smartphones. Unlike Instagram where the maximum time for a video upload is either 15 seconds on stories, or one minute on a post, IGTV allows users to upload vertical videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Facebook Watch Party is a new feature for groups, brand pages, and public profiles, that allows users to hold a live screening of pre recorded videos that are publicly available on Facebook. By launching a Facebook Launch broadcast within a group members are notified, which gives the person starting a Facebook Watch broadcast the ability to potentially reach thousands of Facebook users and get video views for free. LinkedIn Live video is a new feature, which allows you to live stream from a phone or a desktop computer directly to your LinkedIn network, similar to the likes of Facebook Live.


Last, Twitter and Instagram provide you with realtime access to see who’s mentioning your brand, your competition, or your industry. Leverage search data to engage with potential customers and new followers, instead of reacting only when someone @ mentions or replies to your posts.


Social media and YouTube will continue to breed new creators and personal brands, which will only make the internet noisier than what it is now.

In this new era of communication, your ability to connect with humans on a personal level will be your most effective competitive advantage.