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How to Start Content Marketing

How to Start Content Marketing

Before you can embark on any marketing activity for your business, you must understand the big picture. You need a strategic direction and SMART objectives, that is, objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and related to time.

The other key factor is understanding your target audience, as this guides everything you do in marketing. It is important to have a clear focus on the people you want to target with your product or service.

This does not prevent people outside that group from buying from you, but it allows you to concentrate on creating and distributing content in a way that resonates more strongly with those that matter most to you.

Demographic data, such as age and gender, are important in defining your target audience, but there are other considerations, such as geography, lifestyle, and behavioral factors, such as what they do online and offline.

Online are the websites they use, the email newsletters they subscribe to and, of course, their preferred social media platforms. Most agree that the main objective of content marketing is to educate, inform, entertain and guide customers on their journey to purchase.

The classic AIDA marketing model can be used to highlight this trip. Awareness, the first step is awareness. Awareness should generate enough interest in the benefits of a product or service to encourage a potential customer to investigate further. Interest is the second stage.

The third stage is desire. As the client learns more, he or she builds an emotional connection with the product and goes from liking it to wanting it. Then they move one step closer to the fourth step, taking action, which hopefully means a purchase. Great content builds trust. Great content responds to the needs of your target audience while doing their research. And great content supports lead generation and the acquisition of new customers.

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