How to set social media goals

How to set social media goals?

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How to set social media goals? Whether you’re a small bakery that wants to let clients know it can create any type of cake, or a retailer set to expand across the country, every business has goals.

For some, they’re lofty bags, as in big hairy audacious goals, others take a more conservative approach. Whatever you do, goals are like the destination to the great things you want your business to do, and they’re a fundamental part of setting a business strategy. Then, once you develop your goals you need to establish a process to measure whether or not you’re achieving them.

Let’s say our friends at Castillo Dulce want to showcase their expertise by sharing some of their pro baking tips with customers to keep Castillo Dulce top of mind.

One way to do that is to encourage clients and prospects to sign up for a newsletter that could, for example, present case studies of how you’re achieving results for clients by creating the best cakes in the world, but is that social media goal? Are social media goals different from general marketing goals? In principle, they’re not.

Many business use social media to support their marketing or business goals. The trouble is, some people equate social media success with the number of likes their Facebook is getting. That’s the wrong approach. While you can measure likes, they’re a soft metric. A like is a passive gesture, similar to the nod two acquaintances might share when they pass on the street, you’re acknowledging the other person, but little else.

Likes aren’t effective goals because they’re too ephemeral. Instead, design your goals to measure outcomes. For instance, what action do you want your customer to take when they interact with you on social media? In other words, what do you want them to do?

Let’s go back to our earlier example about newsletter sign ups, and in this case Castillo Dulce is using social media to encourage people to subscribe. Now, that’s something you can track because you can see if your social media updates are driving traffic to sign ups.

Once your goals are set, you’ll want to work with an IT or SEO consultant to setup your analytics so that they track your social media campaigns and customer’s behavior.

That means figuring out the type of data you need to capture at the outset, and the criteria you’re using to measure success. Here’s a link to a course that offers analytics basics to help you get started. Don’t let yourself get lost in the popularity contest of likes, this isn’t high school.

Social media, like all your marketing tactics, should be designed to move the business needle and help propel your company where you want it to go, and if it’s not doing that, then it’s time to adjust.