How Facebook Pages work

Lesson 2 How Facebook Pages work?

Marketing on Facebook

How Facebook Pages work? People use Facebook to see what’s happening around them and to connect with an idea, other people and products they like.

It’s important to understand how your customers interact on Facebook, this understanding will help you determine the steps you can take to get your business and message in front of your potential and current customers.

Facebook fan pages are an effective way for businesses, brands, artists and personalities to establish a significant Web presence on the world’s largest social networking site. While creating a fan page is a little different from creating a personal profile and requires more maintenance to effectively promote your business, posting on your own fan page or on someone else’s works much the same as it does on personal profiles.

All pages will have the most important features that every business needs. Facebook pages are set up pretty closely to the Facebook profile, but there are a few distinguishing features that really sets it apart.

How Facebook Pages work?

Here de politica, we’re viewing this as a page owner or admin. This is not the view that your visitors are going to see.

Let’s break down this page into two sections, the left column, and then the right column. So the furthest left is a main menu for the page. This will help you, the page admin, navigate the page and all of its settings. From this menu, you can access all the different dashboards. And these dashboards are things like Business Suite or the Home Dashboard, which we’re viewing here right now.

Now Meta Business Suite is an important tool for your business and you’ll notice some sub categories, inbox, planner, publishing tools, and business apps. It’s your one-stop shop for managing your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger accounts and it is a free tool.

Now, if I scroll down, it’s here that I can get some additional settings. I can view the Home Dashboard, I could take a look at Insights. The most important one for you when setting up your page is going to be Editing Page Info. This is where you get to add in all the information about your business and all the details that you want your customers to see. So this is where you’re going to get into the more specifics of your page. Things like setting up notifications, adding admins to your page and other administrative tasks

Currently we’re in the home view, but we could also select events, jobs, reviews, and if I choose from the dropdown, it’s here that I can also select from additional tabs

As I scroll down, I’ll see some prompts from Facebook. You may see these, you may not, it all depends on how long you’ve had your page up and if you’re advertising or not. As I scroll down, you’ll notice that there’s some free Facebook business tools, but I want to call your attention to Insights. This box shows the number of people reached, post engagements, page likes and any tagged product clicks. If you want information that you can really dig into, you can select see all, and you can even choose a specific date range to look at.

And now  is the create post option. This is where you’re actually going to post on the page. As I select it, it’s here that I will choose something to post and I can add images, I can add videos, I can even schedule this from Business Suite.

This is a lot of stuff for the page and it might seem overwhelming, but the more familiar you are with your settings, the menu options, and just the page layout, the easier it’ll be to post, engage, and grow your business on Facebook. My biggest tip for you is to start familiarizing yourself with your own Facebook page.

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